Your First Tend Visit

When you arrive at the studio, here’s what to expect.

By Tend
01 Welcome Bar

The Welcome Bar
0-10 minutes

As you enter the studio, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful, modern space with soothing lighting and a friendly face behind our Welcome Bar. We’ll greet you and gather your insurance info. (To save time, enter it online when you book or call ahead.) If you don’t have insurance, a checkup is $350, and you can pay by credit card.

02 Brushery

The Brushery
5 minutes

After getting insurance out of the way, we’ll offer you a Tend toothbrush and a curated, seasonal toothpaste. We’ll also give you a complimentary Brush Bag from Baggu to carry everything in. Then we’ll show you into The Brushery, a swishy, swirly room just for freshening up. (No more awkwardly brushing in the bathroom at work before your visit.)

03 Suite

The Suite
30 seconds

When you’re done at The Brushery, we'll guide you to your suite, prepared just for you. It has personal space where you can hang your coat, leave your bag, and charge your phone. If you chose a Netflix show to watch when you booked, it will be queued up on a ceiling-mounted TV over your chair. (If you didn’t choose one, you can do so now.) Before getting started, we'll take your blood pressure, since we consider your oral health in the context of your overall health.

The Imaging Bay
30 seconds

If you need any imaging, we’ll show you to our Imaging Bay. We use a state-of-the-art Planmeca Promax 3D imaging machine. This machine, which moves around your jaw as you stand in place instead of poking the roof of your mouth or making you gag, turns x-ray imaging into a comfortable 30-second process. It also uses 80% less radiation.

05 Cleaning

40 minutes

After you’ve wrapped up at the Imaging Bay, your hygienist will show you back to your suite and give you a thorough, comfortable cleaning, using a topical numbing gel so you won’t feel a thing. The tools we use are quieter, gentler, and less intrusive, so you can focus on the Netflix show you’re watching overhead.

07 Polish

20 minutes

When your cleaning is finished, your hygienist will give you a polish to remove any cosmetic staining on your teeth. You’ll get to choose between mint polishing paste or a fun flavor like vanilla and keep watching Netflix.

06 Oral Exam

Oral Exam
15 minutes

When your polish is finished, your dentist will come in, say hi, sit down, and answer every question you have. Then they’ll examine your mouth and talk to you about your oral health with zero judgment. As part of your exam, you’ll get a complementary oral cancer screening. Since the mouth can be a front-line indicator of many diseases, dentists can identify early symptoms before they become more serious.

If your doctor recommends additional care, like a filling, they’ll show you exactly why by showing you a picture of your mouth on a screen. You’ll have all the time you need to think about how you want to proceed, and you can make your decision confident that your doctor’s interests and yours are truly aligned. Our doctors aren’t paid a commission on procedures, so they only offer the care you actually need.

08 Goodies

Up to you

That’s it! Your checkup is finished. If you owe anything for your visit, we’ll take care of it in your suite.

Before you leave, you can freshen up at your personal space in the suite and add some extra goodies to your Brush Bag. We’ll see you in six months! (Can’t wait.)

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